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Christian Koller

To perfect his juggling-art he studies contemporary dance, as a more common form of movement. He dances in 2 one-hour pieces (shown at Hallamasch 1997 and Vienna Districts Festival 1997) and develops short solo-pieces in which the question doesn't arouse whether it is dancing or juggling.
He is most of all interested in the interdependence of requisites and performer.

Training: New Dance Labor (Sylvia Scheidl/Sabine Bründl) - performance, new dance | Sylvia Scheidl (A) - Choreography | Aurelia Staub (CH) - contemporary dance | theaterpädagogische Werkstatt Osnabrück (D) | training with carpa Theater (A) | Veronika Siemer (A) - Body Mind Centering | Andrea Nagl (A) - ballet

Plays since 2001 with the Pyromantiker (fireshow and stiltperformance) and in the theatre pedagogics project "Mein Körper gehört mir"

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