about us

duo W I R R D E N K E N

Christian Koller dance & ball manipulation
Georg Schneider clownerie & soundpoetry

thinks about simple things

becomes a trio or quartet by
using properties

wants to inspire you

duoWIRRDENKEN was founded in summer '99 out of mutual admiration for each others work. Thus, there met two performers - quite different in expression and method. Their lust to experiment unites them. Over the years of cooperation an interest in 'acausal theatre' was crystallizing as the varieté surreal...

duoWIRRDENKEN pleased their audience on many different occasions. Among other locations they played at the Theater des Augenblicks (Vienna), Etablissement Ronacher (Vienna), Sofiensäle (Vienna), Kulturgelände Nonntal (Salzburg), Kaserne Basel (CH). Varieté minuit at Porgy & Bess (Vienna) with Kabinetttheater etc.

press notices

Skug, Edition 52

[..] Hypostase intensifies the effect of the newest piece of the European-wide appreciated avantgarde artists duoWIRRDENKEN - a combination of circus, free dance and Beckett. And it can harmonize quite magnificently!' [..]

Paul Poet 2002/09/16
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derStandard 2002/03/12

duoWIRRDENKEN was not only entertaining in it's physical aspect.

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