Fa Exotic

All senses get tickled by that most refreshing aria. Also the voyeur is gurgles quite cheerfully!

The ball is conducting.

The water is glugging.

Dottergesang [Yolksong]

This very delicate song lets even green sausages sprout!

And lets them play with their own fruits.


Ballmosaik [Ballmosaic]

the duo W I R R D E N K E N illuminates its relation to the ball. Several lively slides are shown are . See us snuggle, swear, run away, ...

Live remix!

We ask the audience to watch stuck slides with slightly inclined head.

der Luftrüssel [the Airproboscis]

Boring people know when they have to be jolly.

With red noses on some sawing and nailing is going on. Only the sirens-like howling lets the heart melt and the whistle flirt.

A sophisticated piece, that will be a shock to every serious penny collector.

die Nase [the Nose]

There are two noses on the ears, later one looks out of the round mouth. O mani nose twists around. After all, there is another nose on the big toe which beckons to greet.

Rheumatismus [Rheumatism]

Let us stop for a moment and enjoy the dragging pain in the back!
Whirls twirl, gyrating balls are a sweet bump into the spinal cord.
The cello bow sweeps carefully over the tense nerves.



Not aware of each other, a tone roams the bluebox and meets the ball.

The accordion pulls.

The accordion calls.

The ball lurches.