varieté surreal

Idee, Conception, Performer: duoWIRRDENKEN
Music: Georg Gogo. Bernhard
Light: Rye Brant
Supervision: Walter Pucher

premiere: Sun, 23rd June 2002, 20:00, Theater des Augenblicks (Vienna)

So far, we have created short pieces which were shown in various contexts. Then, our aim became to produce a one hour-piece to be effective on its own. Only by time and continuity it is made possible to direct the spectator's view towards an unfamiliar rationality.


After searching intensively for a title characterising our work, we happily came across 'varieté surreal'. This particular style, which we plan to keep beyond this piece, brings a special meaning to our work. Therefore we decided to call our first full-length piece also 'varieté surreal', thus making our style publicly known.


An unconventional singing saw and a head-mounted metronome is the base of an electronic soundscape.
'Non-linear variations of subtle loops accompany the pulsation of the grooves through a daring scape of sound clusters' (Gogo.)

The premiere of varieté surreal followed the release of Hypostase003. Hear it on Gogo's site.

'Hypostase intensifies the effect of the newest piece of the European-wide appreciated avant-garde artists duoWIRRDENKEN - a combination of circus, free dance and Beckett. And it can harmonize quite magnificently!'
Paul Poet about varieté surreal in Skug magazine, Edition 52 - 2002/09/16

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